Project Description

Topics: Inclusivity in Travel, Ella Paradis, Travel Magazine , The Black Explorer, Black Travel, Tourism

For the next 4 weeks we are going to explore a new topic which is kind of important if like me, you hope for a better, more diverse tourism industry. I am talking about the concept of Inclusivity in travel. We are going to talk to four entrepreneurs who have been working tirelessly to make our industry more welcoming to all kinds of people regardless of their races , genders, abilities or sexual orientations. Our first guest is the woman behind a new publication designed to showcase the voices of underrepresented Black Travellers. Her name is Ella Paradis and she is the founder of the Black Explorer Magazine.


[00:48] Ella’s background and why how The Black Explorer magazine was born

[04:30] The essence of the Black Explorer

[07:08] Challenges faced while creating a print magazine during a pandemic

[09:17] Sneak peek: What to expect from the upcoming editions of the magazine

[13:37] Trends: the future of solo female travel

[15:00] Upcoming projects

[16:47] Ella’s advice to new entrepreneurs

[17:23] That’s it for today! Coming up next week: A chat with Robert Geller of Fabstayz. Let’s keep in touch! Connect with us on Twitter and Instagram @tourismpreneur


The Black Explorer magazine :