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Topics: Inclusivity in Travel, Accessible tourism, Jezza Williams , Making Trax, disability tourism, adventure travel, Diversity in travel

According to Making Trax, one in four New Zealanders have a disability and approximately 650 million people have a physical disability. This is the last episode of our series on inclusivity in travel and today we are talking about how we can make adventure tourism more accessible to travellers with special needs. Our guest is the man behind “LIMITLESS”, an award-winning documentary that depicts the life of a tetraplegic paraglider. He is also an international adventure guide, with more than 20 years’ experience and a world expert in inclusive tourism. The founder of Making Trax in New Zealand, Jezza Williams is our guest today!


[00:37] New Zealand’s tourism in the covid-era

[02:40] State of inclusive tourism

[04:34] Tool: Making Trax’ inclusive directory

[08:05] Inclusive tourism vs accessible tourism

[11:28] Jezza’ story and personal experience

[15:40] Challenges of a tourism entrepreneur with special needs

[18:35] How to connect with travellers/clients with special needs

[20:26] That’s it for today! Coming up next week: A chat with Sarah Groen of Bell & Bly on the state of luxury travel In the meantime, let’s keep in touch! Connect with us on Twitter and Instagram @tourismpreneur


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