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Topics: Inclusivity in Travel, Martinique Lewis, Travel Magazine , The ABC Travel Greenbook , Black Travel Alliance, diversity in travel

We are still talking about inclusivity in travel and we are exploring more ways to make the tourism industry even better and more diverse. Today’s guest is an award-winning diversity in Travel consultant and the President of the Black Travel Alliance. She is also the author of The ABC Travel Greenbook which is the number 1 resource connecting the African Diaspora Globally. Yes, you’ve guessed right: Martinique Lewis is our guest today!


[01:20] Martinique’s background and her role as a diversity in travel consultant

[02:16] The Black Travel Alliance

[04:10] Definition of the concept of inclusivity

[05:24] Tool for businesses: the diversity in Travel report card

[07:16] The ABC Travel Greenbook

[10:37] The Future of Travel

[12:20] Upcoming projects

[13:26] Marty’s advice to tourism entrepreneurs

[14:39] That’s it for today! Coming up next week: A chat with Jezza Williams of Making Trax in New Zealand. In the meantime, let’s keep in touch! Connect with us on Twitter and Instagram @tourismpreneur


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