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Topics: Travel photography, location scouting, Explorest, Justin Myers

While preparing episode #6, I came across some interesting stats that showed that in the UK only, 40% of millennials consider how instagrammable a location is before thinking about travelling there… Well let’s be fair, it’s not only a millennial thing, we can all agree that a great picture can make us dream about a destination we never had in mind before. That is why Explorest has been on everyone’s lips or phones recently: this innovative location scouting app has been consistently making headlines and was described by Forbes as the ultimate instagrammers dream. Today Explorest co-founder, Justin Myers is our guest.



    • [01:15] Justin’s background and how Explorest was created


    • [04:04] How Explorest differentiates itself from its current competitors


    • [04:59] Exciting updates and new features on the Explorest app


    • [06:50] Conservation: Explorest partnership with Leave No Trace


    • [09:06] Challenges faced while building the Explorest brand


    • [12:54] Justin’s take on the future of travel


    • [14:22] Why Explorest was first launched on IOS


    • [15:37] Justin’s tips to new and more experienced tourism entrepreneurs


    • [17:06] That’s it for today! Coming up next week: Valerie Lopez of Shoot My Travel


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