Project Description

Topics: Virtual Events, Business tourism, Tropics Business Summit, Covid19, Venicia Guinot

According to Ruben Castano of virtual events solution platform 6Connex, the virtual event industry has increased by 1000% over the last few months. The covid19 pandemic badly impacted large and even small scale events worldwide so logically, organizers had to look for suitable alternatives. Although going virtual was one of the best options at the time, now borders are reopening and restrictions are slowly loosening up, and it is difficult to predict if the trend is here to stay. Today we are going to talk about virtual events and business tourism in South Africa with Venicia Guinot, the founder of the Tropics Summit (TBS) , one of the most prominent business meetings on the African Continent.


[00:56] Venicia’s background and how the Tropics Business Summit was created

[03:54] The State of Business Tourism in South Africa

[05:02] Challenges of hosting virtual events

[07:52] Are Virtual Events here to stay?

[09:57] What to expect from the first virtual TBS

[07:57] Albert’s Advice to fellow tourism entrepreneurs.

[11:20] Upcoming projects and new ventures

[15:55] That’s it for today! For the next 4 weeks, we will focus on the concept of Inclusivity in tourism. Let’s keep in touch: connect with us on Twitter and Instagram @tourismpreneur



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