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Topics: Sustainability, Responsible travel, Fair Trade in Tourism, Community conservation, Travel, tourism entrepreneurship, future of African travel

Welcome to the tourism entrepreneur podcast. I am your host, Vanessa Mbenoun and today we will conclude our series on sustainability. People, brands, destinations… It seems like everybody talks about it but what is it really about? To make sure we get the right answers this morning, we welcome one of the leading figures of sustainable tourism in Africa . She has over 20 years’ experience working with the tourism sector with a focus on community based tourism and community conservation. she was awarded the Sustainable Citizen Award by Forbes Woman Africa and she is the founder of the Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda (STTA Kenya). Judy Kepher-Gona is on the tourism entrepreneur podcast so stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe and visit


[1:45] Judy’ s intro and background

[11:50] Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda ( STTA Kenya)

[32:10] Definition of sustainability and sustainable tourism

[44:20] Understanding the concept of community conservation

[50:10] What should Africa’s priorities be when it comes to making our tourism industry more sustainable?

[59:40] About the African Tourism Leadership Awards: challenges and next edition

[1:03:00] Advice for tourism entrepreneurs and responsible travellers

[1:09:40] What is next for STTA

That’s it for today! Coming up next week: a conversation with Lisa Simpson from Easol. In the meantime, visit to join our community and monthly events! Connect with us on Twitter and Instagram @tourismpreneur


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