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Topics: Acceso Europe, Mergers and Acquisitions in tourism, Buy a tourism business, vacation rentals, CertiStay, Wolf Wӧrster

Welcome to the tourism entrepreneur podcast, I am your host Vanessa Mbenoun and today we are going to take a closer look at the concept of acquisitions in the tourism industry and see what options are available to you as a tourism entrepreneur if you wish to sell or buy a new business. We chat to the founder of Acceso Europe, a firm which represents owners, companies and entrepreneurs in the selling and acquiring of travel and leisure related businesses. Wolf Wӧrster is our guest so please stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast and visit


[1:14] About Wolf: intro and background ( Volta Villas and CertiStay)

[8:52] About Acceso Europe

[11:05] Understanding Country licensing and Master Franchising

[12:54] How to join/register to buy and sell on Acceso Europe

[15:13] About the African market

[16:50] Future trends in the tourism industry

[19:00] Words of wisdom for tourism entrepreneurs

[20:10] What’s next for Acceso Europe

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